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Which three are the most popular email providers?

Gmail (Google) is by far the leading dinosaur in this field with a staggering 1.5 billion active monthly users worldwide. Outlook (Microsoft), has more than 400 million active users worldwide. Yahoo Mail (recently acquired by Verizon), has 227 million active monthly users.


Totally free anonymous email accounts (providers) in 2022:

ProtonMail — is one of the currently most popular secure email providers. It uses PGP encryption to encrypt your emails before they leave your device and at rest. ProtonMail also has a zero-knowledge policy, meaning that no one, not even ProtonMail employees, can snoop on your messages. Unfortunately, ProtonMail doesn’t encrypt your metadata, headers, or subject lines.

You don’t need to enter any personally identifiable information to create an account either. However, you have the option to link a recovery email in case you forget your password. Another cool and very unique feature: you can also send self-destructing messages and determine their lifespan.

A free account will give you 500 Megabytes of storage and you will be able to send up to 150 messages per day. For more storage and extra features, you can opt for additional (paid) services.

Tutanota — is another popular choice amongst online security and privacy experts. They use their own encryption standard to encrypt your entire inbox, including your emails’ subject lines and your contacts list. Tutanota provides end-to-end encryption between users but you can also send encrypted messages to non-users, all they’ll need is a pre-shared password to decrypt them.

You don’t need to enter any personally identifiable information to create your account and the free plan gives you a very generous 1GB of storage. Tutanota also strips your IP from your emails so that even if someone manages to snoop on your traffic they will not be able to locate you. Tutanota’s software is also open-source, which means that anyone can look into its code to confirm its security.